International Legal Consulting Poland


The Firm assists in the implementation of claims for damages for the death of a loved one due to injury / health disorder in the form of:

1) medical and funeral expenses reimbursement, as applicable to local customs, for those who actually incurred them;

2) a pension, for those to whom the deceased was under a legal duty to maintain, or to persons the deceased willingly and consistently provided the means of subsistence (e.g. co-partner, foster-child);

3) a one-time compensation to family members of the deceased due to widely understood material damage suffered in connection with the death in the form of:

  • significant deterioration in living conditions (e.g. child’s loss of mother’s love and care for his maintenance and education; poor life activity as a result of mental shock due to the death and consequent reduction of earnings, increase in expenditure, need to abandon life plans, e.g. to study);
  • lost opportunities to improve life conditions (e.g. death of an adolescent son);

4) redress for damage due to the death of a loved one such as pain, feeling of loneliness, loss of support and care of a relative, feeling of helplessness against life difficulties, frustration, etc.