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Surgeon at work

Every medical treatment entails the risk of a failure. Often, however, the cause of the patient’s injury is a doctor’s negligence or an act/omission inconsistent with current medical knowledge. We provide assistance in the enforcement of claims for medical malpractice in the area of ​​inaccurate or incomplete diagnosis or treatment of a disease, injury, syndrome, infection or other ailment, in particular in respect of:

  • misdiagnosis of an illness (not recognizing the real illness or finding a non-existent disease);
  • overdue diagnosis (no treatment at the time promising the greatest chance of success);
  • improper selection of a method of care (failure to perform required tests or medical consultation);
  • improper selection of method of childbirth;
  • carrying out a treatment despite medical contraindications;
  • the use of methods of treatment incompatible with the current state of medical knowledge;
  • defective performance of an operation;
  • errors of prognosis;
  • errors in treatment (choice of the right solution but executed incorrectly);
  • failure to provide post-operative care;
  • failure to apply necessary rehabilitation.

A doctor is required to apply an optimal therapeutic procedure at the time promising the greatest chance of success. Failure to implement the currently used methods and procedures leading to a treatment failure constitutes a doctor’s negligence.

Medical analysis carried out on behalf of the Firm indicates whether it is possible to prove that the applied treatment has been inconsistent with the current medical knowledge and consequently to obtain damages.