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In our Firm practice the issue of damage suffered by a mother or a child during pregnancy and childbirth plays an essential role. This particular period has an uncertainty of significant health risks. It is necessary for the medical staff to comply with rules and standards of prenatal care and care of the newborns. The birth related proceedings contrary to those generally accepted are unlawful.

We represent parents of children in cases against doctors or medical personnel who caused death of a child, his irreversible impairment or who failed to reduce or remove his health defects.

We fight for compensation and redress for:

  • harm suffered by a mother or a child as a result of the improper choice of method of childbirth or its improper conduct (including refusal to carry out or late execution of caesarean section);
  • damage resulting from negligence in controlling the condition of the fetus and failure to perform necessary tests;
  • damage resulting from failure of intensive supervision of the child’s mother in danger of complications of pregnancy and childbirth;
  • maternal deprivation of the right to information and to take important decisions on childbirth.