International Legal Consulting Poland



International Legal Consulting has extensive experience in international corporate standards thus offering legal services corresponding to the highest substantive levels. Our lawyers are well respected by our clients due to their knowledge, skills and professionalism, which enable them to meet their demands and requirements. Our work is also characterized by approach of effectiveness together with strict and rigorous adherence to the Bar rules of professional confidentiality. Whilst providing our clients with high quality of legal assistance, we always act in their best interests knowing that the legal profession is a profession of public trust and it allows citizen’s access to justice.

Innovation and Effectiveness

The widespread services which we provide constantly broaden our legal knowledge. This allows us to be flexible and respond immediately to the changing needs of our clients. Our approach allows us to develop practical, modern and effective solutions to everyday problems.

Flexibility and Involvement

Our lawyers are not only experts in their particular fields, but also possess communication skills and awareness of any cultural diversities which allow them to perfectly meet the demands of the client. Furthermore, we are open to the needs of our clients and strive to be flexible in the proposed solutions. We always try to understand what a client expects, and provide it in the desired manner. Our main goal is to develop client confidence for years to come.