International Legal Consulting Poland


Healthcare associated infections, unfortunately still constitute a major concern in Poland. In the hygiene deficiencies, failure to comply with appropriate aseptic procedures by hospital facilities, basically any medical treatment increases the risk of patient infection of viruses, fungi or bacteria, usually staphylococcus aureus, hepatitis b, hepatitis c or coli bacteria.

Proof that at the time of admission to hospital infection did not exist, nor was incubating, enables a person to seek compensation from a medical facility. Of course, the hospital is not responsible for any infection, however, in cases of nosocomial infections there are specific rules of evidence to help injured patients seeking redress.

The Firm helps patients in obtaining compensation for:

  • health deterioration as a result of infection;
  • wound healing complications due to infection;
  • complications in the treatment of primary disease due to infection;
  • improper treatment of identified infection by a hospital facility.