International Legal Consulting Poland


Our fees depend on the choice of service (a one-time activity or permanent legal services), the complexity of legal issues and required workload.

The Firm offers the following billing methods:

Lump Sum for an Unlimited Number of Hours

Under this system, the Firm provides comprehensive legal services to the clients who want to know in advance the monthly cost of such services. This billing method is used by most business clients. The legal services agreement shall indicate the monthly remuneration for the provision of these services. The monthly rate is determined by negotiations and depends on factors such as the type of business, the size of a company, the complexity of legal matter, the chosen form of services or the estimated monthly number of commissioned cases.

Lump Sum with Hourly Limit

This system is used in situations where it can be assumed that there will be a fixed number of total monthly working hours. The agreement is based on a fixed monthly fee within the agreed lump sum. In case of exceeding this monthly limit established, the excess value of services is calculated at hourly rate as per general terms and conditions.

Hourly Rate

In case of this billing method the remuneration for legal services provided is calculated on the basis of the time spent and the hourly rate agreed with the client.

Fixed Rate

Under this system, the amount of remuneration is calculated in advance and does not require the client to make any additional payments. It is most commonly used for single commissions, such as due diligence, drafting contracts, representation in legal proceedings, registration of commercial companies or changes in the National Court Register.

Success Fee

In some cases our lawyers work for basic fees at minimum rates for lawyers set out in the Regulation of the Minister of Justice to obtain additional success fee at the time of achieving a favourable solution for our clients.

We are aware that no rigid system of determining payments works in each situation, due to the diverse nature of cases and business relations. Therefore, while determining the cost in a particular case, we take into account all considerations. In each case we endeavor to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.

We also provide a free and confidential initial estimate of each submitted case as a basis for further cooperation.