International Legal Consulting Poland


The Firm provides comprehensive legal assistance in the field of family and custody law, including in particular:

  • divorce and separation including recognition of foreign judgments;
  • division of marital joint property;
  • marital property agreements;
  • abolition of marital joint property;
  • establishing unequal shares in marital joint property;
  • maintenance – including establishing, increase, decrease and recognition of maintenance obligations as expired;
  • granting, deprivation, restriction of parental authority;
  • establishing child contact;
  • authorization to dispose of the child’s property;
  • issues related to the origin of the child (establishing or contesting paternity and maternity);
  • adoption;
  • incapacitation;
  • custody and guardianship;
  • criminal (including offenses against the family or minors).

Our legal services include representing clients before courts and in proceedings before administrative bodies, legal consulting and drafting of pleadings. We also participate in negotiations to try and reach an amicable settlement of the dispute. We negotiate child contact agreements  after divorce, as well as child maintenance settlements. Furthermore, we prepare draft marital property agreements.

For information in relation to matters of international character, please refer to the International Family and Custody Law section.