International Legal Consulting Poland


International Business

We offer professional consulting services in the field of business activity, from its commencement via comprehensive legal services at every stage of business.

Our legal services in this area include, in particular:

  • consultation on the optimal choice of legal form of activity in Poland;
  • creation and registration of companies, agencies and branches of foreign companies, foundations, and associations;
  • preparation of shareholders’ agreements, memorandums and articles of association or issuing opinions on drafts of these documents;
  • drafting resolutions issued by limited liability companies and joint stock companies (management board, supervisory board, shareholders’ meeting/       the general meeting);
  • representation of shareholders at shareholders’ meetings (the general meeting of shareholders);
  • corporate support at every stage of activity;
  • drafting contracts relating to company’s shares (preliminary purchase agreements, sales, pledge and use agreements);
  • transformation and reorganization of companies;
  • preparation and negotiation of agreements or issuing opinions regarding them;
  • drafting agreements with members of the management board (management contracts);
  • comprehensive legal consulting on the current activities of the company (legal opinions, analysis and memorandums);
  • representation of companies in proceedings before courts and administrative bodies;
  • legal consultation on the protection of the rights and interests of companies and their shareholders;
  • resolving conflicts between shareholders;
  • representation of clients in litigation regarding the exercise of equity rights between shareholders or between shareholders and the company;
  • dissolution and liquidation of entities;
  • economic negotiations in domestic and foreign trade.