International Legal Consulting Poland


We advise our clients on international disputes, including:

  • international jurisdiction and applicable law;
  • recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments;
  • position of foreigners in judicial proceedings.

We have extensive experience in conducting complex litigation and arbitration proceedings involving various areas of law.

We analyze the risk of each litigation comprehensively. The aim of developing each case tactics individually is to minimize the risk resulting from a dispute, acceleration of proceedings, enabling clients to save costs and to reach an amicable settlement of the dispute as far as possible.

Our services include comprehensive legal services in the following areas:

  • pre-trial counseling on all areas of law and all types of proceedings;
  • preparing summons, applications, remedies and other pleadings;
  • representing clients before courts and in arbitration proceedings;
  • representing clients before authorities conducting investigations and in criminal courts as defence lawyers and attorneys of the victim (the auxiliary prosecutor);
  • representation of clients in proceedings before administrative bodies and before regional administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court;
  • conducting proceedings in the field of bankruptcy and reorganization law;
  • conducting registration proceedings;
  • representation of clients in security and enforcement proceedings;
  • handling matters related to obtaining the European enforcement order for uncontested claims and the European order for payment.

We provide counseling among others in the field of:

  • corporate and commercial disputes;
  • probate proceedings pending at home and abroad;
  • disputes in the field of employment law related to employee claims, in particular those arising from termination of employment, remuneration for work and employee’s material responsibility;
  • disputes related to social security law before pension bodies and courts;
  • disputes related to intellectual property rights;
  • cases concerning crimes against business trading;
  • cases concerning penal revenue law;
  • administrative proceedings, particularly in matters related to construction law, spatial planning law and environmental law;
  • representing clients in ongoing bankruptcy proceedings involving winding-up or reorganization of the debtor’s assets.